May 18, 2016 – Annapolis City Mooring Balls – No travel

We organized our morning aboard such that we could go ashore about 0900 hrs. We had decided to lower the dinghy and row ashore but once we climbed aboard I decided to try the engine once again. It fired right off and ran the rest of the day without a hitch. A mystery!. Why did it quit in the first place?

We tied up at the end of Ego Alley but found that there were quite a few people around and no separation between them and where the dinghy was tied. I saw a lady there dressed in a spiffy uniform who looked somewhat official and asked her if she thought the dinghy would be safe. She said the dinghy would be fine and that people left their dinghies there all of the time with no problem. We asked her which direction to head to find the Naval Academy Visitors Center and she said she was heading there and would show us the way.


Entry to the US Naval Academy through which we entered for our tour

As we talked along the way it turned out she had some official capacity at the academy. When we got there and got in the security line she told the security officers “They are with me” and we were waved through. How about that!

After viewing a movie all about the Naval Academy we purchased a tour ticket and waited a short time until our tour started. It was very interesting and the guide walked very fast so we hustled to keep up. He had picked out a designated person to do push ups should any of the group fall behind. The tour took us across the grounds and into several buildings including Bancroft Hall, the single dorm that houses all of the midshipmen and the Chapel. History and tradition were included in the tour spiel and we were impressed and enlightened. We finished our tour by waiting around until the noon “Brigade of the Midshipmen” prior to the noon meal.


Tour Guide at Annapolis Naval Academy


Showcase when Navy beats Army in their annual football clash.  It appears that in recent years this happens quite often.  Wish I had checked the same information at West Point


Housing of the top brass at the academy that includes a couple of civilians.


If you are the top dog you get to live here!


All midshipmen live in the same dorm – Bancroft Hall.  We are talking about 4000 residents here.


Entry to the dorm building – just like I remember from my college.


Dorm rooms do look familiar.


Navy Chapel


Chapel interior is awesome and the organ was phenomenal.  They played it while we were there and the clarity, tone quality and volume were amazing!


I had no idea that John Paul Jones played such an important part in US Naval History.  There is a crypt dedicated to him beneath the chapel where he is theoretically interred.


Daily formation prior to lunch where all march into the dining hall.  Quite a spectacle.

After the tour we had the run of the grounds so decided to go to the Officers Club for lunch. We had an incredible lunch buffet for the price of $9.95. One of the best meals at the best price we had enjoyed on the entire trip.

We stopped at the US Naval Academy Museum on the academy campus and found it to be incredible even though there had been no hype regarding it at all. There were three floors of very detailed naval history including the third floor completely filled with intricate ship models from early sailing vessels to modern war ships.


Just one of hundreds of incredibly detailed models on display in the Naval History Museum

Our tour of the naval academy finished by going to the visitor center shop where I couldn’t resist purchasing a great Navy pullover windbreaker.   We were tired of walking and standing by this time so strolled back to the dinghy to find it still there and unmolested. The engine started right up so it was back to Sea To See for some rest.

After we were rejuvenated we dinghied ashore once again to have some crepes for an early dinner, and to walk the streets of old town Annapolis. We toured the harbor on our way back to the boat. The evening was finalized by watching the seventh episode of Downton Abby.

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