May 19, 2016 – Annapolis City Mooring Balls to Baltimore City Docks – 32.4 statute miles traveled

We released the line to the mooring ball at 0730 and pulled over to the fuel dock right next to us. It was supposed to open at 0800 but there was already a fuel attendant there and another boat in the process of fueling. We were able to take on 155 gallons of fuel, get a holding tank pump out, purchase ice for our cooler and still be on our way by 0805. We were pleased to find the diesel price was $2.06 for us but would be going to $2.20 as soon as we pulled away from the dock. The attendant hadn’t had time to change the price on the pumps before we started taking on fuel. Sometimes you luck out!

Once we reached the main portion of the Chesapeake Bay we were headed for the Lane Memorial Bridge, a very long bridge that spans the Chesapeake at this point. On the radio came a “Securite” call with information that a freighter was heading up the bay and would arrive at the bridge in 20 minutes. That would have been our approximate arrival time too so we slowed down to a let him slide by ahead of us. Getting in the way of that behemoth while traversing the fairway under the bridge would not have been a good idea. After that we enjoyed the near “Vicki water” in narrow channels through shallow water all of the way into Baltimore Harbor. We did have to buck the current most of the way.

Baltimore is an expensive place to visit by boat. We wanted to be in the inner harbor so we could walk to things around town. We had decided to stay at the Baltimore City Docks where there were no bathroom or shower facilities. Even so the price to moor was $2 per foot and $8 for 30 amp electricity. As it turned out we were the only transient boat docked while we were there.


Sea To See at the end of the city dock in Baltimore Inner Harbor

The first order of business was lunch at Bubba Gumps. Vicki had discovered that she thoroughly enjoyed one of their menu items at previous stop so her mouth was watering. We then walked the waterfront promenade and ended up at a Barnes and Noble where we could find more DVD’s to purchase. We were finding we enjoyed our sessions with Downton Abby.


Vicki loves a item on their menu so this is our place for lunch!


A replica of the Constitution was on display in the Baltimore Inner Harbor available for tours.


It seems that every major harbor on the East Coast has a pirate ship as a tourist attraction.  Baltimore was no exception with clients being entertained in a “pirate” fashion!

The sun was shining for the first time in days so we spent some time enjoying the aft cockpit before adjourning to the saloon for dinner and a show (another episode of Downton Abby)

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