May 20, 2016 – Baltimore City Docks to Summit North Marina – 63.8 statute miles traveled.

The weather looked to be great for travel today so we were up at 0500 and off the dock at 0601. The water was like glass as we left the inner harbor. We passed two different freighters being helped away from their piers by tugs and they fell in right behind us as we traveled through the maximum six knot, no wake zone out into the bay. It was fun to watch the activity of the pilot boats, tugs and freighters as we passed under the Francis Scott Key Bridge and into Chesapeake Bay.


Leaving Baltimore Inner Harbor in the early morning hours.


In the outer bay we were accompanied by two tankers heading out at the same time.

After following the shipping channels for some time I was able to determine a path through the shallow water of the upper bay so I could take a short cut saving several miles of travel. This path was about 15-17 feet in depth most of the way. The shoulders of the shipping channels going up the east side of the bay toward the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal had enough depth so we could travel outside the channel and not be concerned for large ship traffic.

This did not prevent Vicki from being annoyed at several of the smaller fast boats that went zipping along either passing or overtaking us, some with significant wakes. One more than one occasion I had to alter course to turn into a wake so things wouldn’t end up on the floor.

We had calm, flat water all of the way other than boat wakes. So much so that Vicki determined to cook lunch, something that never happens underway. Even then she had to watch for an opening between boat wakes. Todays cruise was a long slog so we were very appreciative and thankful for no wind, flat water and finally some sun.

We finally reached waters we had been thinking about for a long time. The Chesapeake and Delaware Canal connects Chesapeake Bay and Delaware Bay and would put us back in the waters where we first began our trip on May 2, 2015.


The Chesapeake and Delaware Canal.  We didn’t realize the amount of commercial traffic that used this passage from one bay to the other.  It is large enough for large ships or barges to safely pass.

About six miles up the C & D Canal we heard Sadie Too come on the vhf to get their slip assignment for moorage in Chesapeake City. We had just passed that small town on the side of the C & D about three miles ago. As soon as their conversation with the marina was completed I went on the radio with a “break, break” to talk to Marv. We can’t remember when we last saw them but it could have been in Marathon on Vaca Key.

Nine miles into the seventeen miles length of the canal we pulled into Summit North Marina after one of our longest days of travel. Summit North Marina is in a long skinny channel off of the C & D Canal. Because of this the marina is strung out considerably and the marina office is at the inside end of the channel. Even though we were on the T end of the E dock (ET) we still had to walk to A to find the office and it was quiet a slog. It is no mystery why the slips toward the canal from where we were moored were mostly empty. One would need a golf cart to get to their boat. Of course the shore side showers and toilets were down by the marina office.

Though dog tired after a long day Vicki and I both felt like celebrating. Causes for celebration? The end of the long day, finally reaching the C & D Canal, being only one day away from “crossing our wake” and because we both felt like it. We walked the long distance to the Aqua Sol Restaurant for our celebration and just relaxed and enjoyed ourselves. The weather forecast is such that we will stay here another day and watch it rain while the small craft warnings foretell the conditions out on both the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays tomorrow. In the mean time we are comfy on our little boat. We continued our celebration by watching the last and final episode of Downton Abby.

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