May 22, 2016 – Summit North Marina to Hancock Marina, Cohansey – 34.3 statute miles traveled

In order to take advantage of the significant current on the Delaware River and Bay we decided to leave Summit North before noon. We were off the dock at 1135 and headed east on the C & D Canal. As we neared the entry to the Delaware River we had to move over to the south side of the canal in order to pass a petroleum tanker on the “0ne” by previous arrangement via vhf. (The “one” is an oncoming port to port pass)


The captain of the Sagittarius Leader was very pleasant and agreed to a “one” pass though I suspect he could barely see us down there.

Once we entered the Delaware River we found the water and wind both to our liking as we headed down stream and down current avoiding commercial traffic by staying off to the side of the main shipping channel. Our trip down Delaware Bay to the mouth of the Cohansey River was uneventful but enjoyable. Eventually we turned to port to cross the shallows through crab traps to the mouth of the Cohansey River. It was an emotional event when we crossed the clearly defined entry channel to the Cohansey River to mark the circumnavigation of the eastern 1/3rd of the United States. This occurred at 3:30:11 PM EDT on May 22, 2016. A day that will mean very little to the rest of the 7,000,000,000 people of the world but will live forever in our minds as completion of a phenomenal and unforgettable experience.

We continued up the Cohansey River to Hancock Marina against a strong outbound current. When we arrived our friends, Marv and Connie Helzer from Sadie Too were there to great us and to help in our celebration. This was done with Champagne, wine, pupus and pizza that had been delivered by a local restaurant. Hancock Marina was not yet ready for the boating season but had made an effort to accommodate us by quickly finishing a remodel of the bathrooms and showers.


“Crossing our wake” celebration at Hancock Marina on the Cohansey River in New Jersey


Displaying our “Looper” T-shirts with the route map inside the ships wheel.


Celebrating “crossing our wake” aboard the trusty MV/SEA TO SEE


Had to show the folks back home that the Orcas Island Yacht Club burgee flew all 6200.1 miles of the journey representing our club with pride.


Celebration aboard the MV/SEA TO SEE with friends Marv and Connie Helzer from the MV/SADIE TOO

There are many details to the overall fulfillment of our goal to cross our wake. Just a few are that we traveled 6200.1 statute miles over a period of 386 days. I am still working on how many bridges we went under, how many locks we went through, the number of different ports or anchorages in which we moored. I am still calculating financial costs but know that whatever they turn out to be it was worth it. If for nothing else it was worth it for the number of friends we met along the way with the same since of adventure and the willingness to make it happen.


Mouth of the Cohansey River.  (Boat icon is heading out as this was taken the next morning from the screen upon our departure.  Just as it would have looked on May 2, 2015 had we thought to take the picture.

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