May 9, 2016 – Monday – Sunset Boating Center to Horn Harbor Marina – 32.1 statute miles traveled

We waited till 0900 to leave as the wind was continuing to settle and the current was against us was lessening. It seems that every point in Chesapeake Bay has shallows way beyond the point so it is necessary to go far off shore to get around the point. Leaving the Hampton River and getting through Hampton Roads into Chesapeake Bay proper was no exception. It was necessary to clear Old Point and Grunland Point by about 1.5 miles before heading down the bay.

It was nice to have a large bay full of navigable water so we could stay out of the shipping channel and so constant maneuvering to stay in the channel wasn’t necessary. There were one to two foot waves but they were on our stern beam so the ride wasn’t rolling that bad.

The approach to Horn Harbor is through a very large shallow with a narrow twisting channel so we took care and never had less than two feet under our keel. The marina in Horn Harbor is at the far end of the bay so the entire distance we traveled after getting into the approach channel was over 3.5 miles. This was done at slow bells so it took at least 45 minutes to get in.

The Horn Harbor owners were very nice and the marina itself was great! We met a local boater who spent quite a bit of time with Vicki outlining various places we should cruise too and then he and I had a discussion about Ford Lehman engines as he had the same engine as ours in an Albin boat. The discussion included changing the oil in the injector pump and changing out the pencil zinc in the heat exchanger, both of which were overdue to be done on Sea To See.

Vicki and I took advantage of their boaters lounge to watch the news on TV, something we had rarely done on this trip. As we were the only transient boaters there we had the place to ourselves.

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